She said

What I did by setting you up yesterday was wrong but I can honestly say I never have lied to you and I don’t just go around looking for people I can hurt so no I’m not an opportunist I did love you and just wasn’t pushing you away I just wanted you to know and be sure if you wanna be in a relationship with me and deep down you know you didn’t so I got tired of trying to show you how much I cared about you and eventually I gave up not once did I ever try and use you and I will say it again I would never use you if I wanted something from you I wouldn’t have put so many feelings into something I know wasn’t gonna work out I wouldn’t put myself through that heartbreak or the person I still care for you and I pray you find somebody who makes you the happiest man in the world


Umm where are you taking me?

I meet this girl at work right. She is very attractive, pretty face, nice body, all that. She seems pretty cool. She told me that she just got out of a relationship with a guy she was with for a year. Then she goes on to say that we should hang out. Soon. (Red Flag) I said ok because I mean she was fine and I didn’t have anything schedule for the weekend. Two days later, we start hanging out and she says “hey, you wanna go see the Ranch?”. She is a tour guide out here in Hawaii and this ranch she talks about is way up the mountain. Where it’s cold. And dark. And with no one else around. She says ” It’s super dark up there, you sure you won’t be scared?”. At the risk of looking like a bitch I say yeah let’s go. So we take off from the beach zig-zagging through these turns, further up the mountain, passing civilization and into the wilderness. It 11pm now and I noticed the temperature drop from 70 to 62. Then she starts talking about spirits and ghosts and if I saw one would I be scared. I play it cool all the while thinking this girl is crazy and where the hell is she taking me. I ain’t ‘gon lie she started acting funny so I started getting nervous.(Red Flag). We stop at this cabin house thing, on the mountain, at midnight, the house is totally empty no lights and I can swear I thought this girl was gonna murder me. It felt like I was in a horror movie. After seeing more of this pitch black house via flashlight on my iPhone, I relaxed a little. The rest is private but I just wanted to share this crazy story. It’s funny when I think if it now but for real I was scared man. We had a good time but I think I might have picked a crazy one :0