Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

Alright so I know I’ve been gone a long time. About 2 years now. Last time I wrote on here I was in Hawaii visiting my dad, and it was a great experience. But you know, I got to come back home and refuel. To be honest I think I was meant to travel just something in my blood I don’t know. But I do have a lot of things to talk about, a lot of things I’ve been through, a lot of things I want to get off my chest and share with the world cuz I know we’be all been through similar situation. Nothing new. Just life stories. Bare with me though, this rabbit hole is deep.


Just another day in Paradise/Song of the Lone Wolf

Sitting at the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away. Watching the waves crash over the rocks and consume my shoes with salt water. Reminiscent of my emotions, ‘cept the water is loneliness and I the rock. Though I tend to appear tough and hard on the outside as these rocks, I cannot deny that these waves that pursue me are eroding my facade. I’m not happy anymore. How does it feel to be alone?How does it feel to be a rolling stone?



Tropical Storm Flossie

They said that the Tropical Storm Flossie will limp over to Hawaii and I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s doing. I woke up today at 6 am as I usually do, and it seemed like any other morning. It’s now 9:30 am, I’m facing the ocean to the west and the waves seem pretty… Wavy? Their not really big either. Behind me is a huge mountain and its ominous looking. It then again it always does. I thing there’s a volcano or something up there. It always has clouds around it. I don’t know.
I’m on the west side of the island and the news said we should expect 6-10 inches if rain and blah blah blah but I never seen a tropical storm so I don’t know how fast they can appear, but it’s pretty beautiful in Kona right now. Even though Hilo side should see the worst if it, I’m eager to see what happens. I just hope if something does happen, that everybody is safe especially the homeless and that I’m in door somewhere. If I haven’t died , I’ll post an update later.


Alright, if you’ve been reading my blog you know about a certain situation that I got myself into. If you are not reading my blog and have no idea what I’m talking about, then start reading. I won’t elaborate on the situation too much but I will say that it involves a Hawaiian woman, lust, and the future.
In order for me to help you understand why this means so much, I need to help you understand who Pele is. The way she was explained to me by a local, was a very jealous, loving, and creative Goddess. She rules over the Big Island of Hawaii. They say every eruption from a volcano is a creation from her. It’s said that she often appears in red, lives in a volcano and sometimes kills her lovers. Lots of people here on the big island have claimed to see her dressed in red.
Well, in my dream Pele came out of the mouth of a volcano as it was erupting. She looked extremely angry. She grabbed a hold of me and pulled me inside the volcano.
I told this to my friend and she said as long as I wasn’t burned alive I would be okay. But I don’t remember any other part of the dream.
I recently meet a girl. She’s awesome. I told here that in the spring I would be leaving to LA. She never says anything bad about me leaving but I can see in her face she doesn’t want me to leave. So, then I have this dream about the Goddess of Hawaii pulling me into a volcano( her home). I could be making something out of nothing but it could also be a possibility that Pele is trying to communicate to me that I shouldn’t leave.

The Fall

I think I just might be tryin way to hard for this girll. I don’t know, I’m trying to keep my player card but I think I like feeling this way. She told me once “everybody loves someone from Hawaii”. What kinda shit is that! She purposely told me that then stared at me so I can think about how much I like her.(I sound like a punk). Because she knows. I told her about moving to LA and now she showing all her cards. It’s like falling, you know your going to hit the ground but you can’t do anything about it. Hope ya’ll got the metaphor because I won’t admit it. That would make it more true. I think I’m slippin’ and I know exactly where she’ll be when I fall. I gotta stay focused on what I need to do and not get caught up. No matter how much I want to know what that mouth like. 😀

Umm where are you taking me?

I meet this girl at work right. She is very attractive, pretty face, nice body, all that. She seems pretty cool. She told me that she just got out of a relationship with a guy she was with for a year. Then she goes on to say that we should hang out. Soon. (Red Flag) I said ok because I mean she was fine and I didn’t have anything schedule for the weekend. Two days later, we start hanging out and she says “hey, you wanna go see the Ranch?”. She is a tour guide out here in Hawaii and this ranch she talks about is way up the mountain. Where it’s cold. And dark. And with no one else around. She says ” It’s super dark up there, you sure you won’t be scared?”. At the risk of looking like a bitch I say yeah let’s go. So we take off from the beach zig-zagging through these turns, further up the mountain, passing civilization and into the wilderness. It 11pm now and I noticed the temperature drop from 70 to 62. Then she starts talking about spirits and ghosts and if I saw one would I be scared. I play it cool all the while thinking this girl is crazy and where the hell is she taking me. I ain’t ‘gon lie she started acting funny so I started getting nervous.(Red Flag). We stop at this cabin house thing, on the mountain, at midnight, the house is totally empty no lights and I can swear I thought this girl was gonna murder me. It felt like I was in a horror movie. After seeing more of this pitch black house via flashlight on my iPhone, I relaxed a little. The rest is private but I just wanted to share this crazy story. It’s funny when I think if it now but for real I was scared man. We had a good time but I think I might have picked a crazy one :0

No Hood in Hawaii

That humbling feeling you get when you know God gotta plan for you. Knowing so many things could have happened to you, but they didn’t. Though my journey requires me to be alone it seems I’m never alone. God lives in moments like this and I know it’s not over yet. 21 and seeing the world instead of the inside of a cell like they wish I was. I can’t help but feel blessed. Look up and pray for good times like these.