The Law of Attraction

Ok, so I am not a philosopher nor am I that strange life coach guy who claims to have all the answers. I am not the guy doing yoga at the beach at six am definitely not the hippie type. I am just a regular guy who happens to believe that the “universe” is bigger and has greater depth than the concept of the man in the sky that controls everything.
There has to be more to life than that right?
I do believe in God but not in the traditional way. And I told myself that I wouldn’t make this about God or religion but I do feel it necessary to touch on my relationship with religion before I talk about the law of attraction.
Well, I do believe

if you want something bad enough , all the universe comes to aid you in your pursuits

Or something like that, I got it from the book The Alchemist. I believe that belief in something makes it real, makes it tangible, and eventually that belief makes it manifest. I do also understand that mere belief isn’t enough. Though it’s a huge part, action is another. You gotta be an absolute idiot to want something and sit around praying for it, without apply your part to make it happen.
I discovered this concept or ideology a while back before I knew all of this. While in Austin I felt it in my body and soul that I needed to leave. I saw signs. I had dreams and within a couple weeks of this belief getting stronger, I left. I had a belief, the belief turned to action and next came the manifestation of that belief. No one help me leave it was all me, so when I read about it months later it all made sense to me.
I’m sure I won’t read this again after I publish it, like all my other posh but I guess it’s good to share and vent into cypher-space once in a while.