The Sea and I #2

The sea and I #2
For awhile you’ve tested me,
Pushed pulled and scarred my hands and feet.
I admit your undertow was inviting me to an early death.
My heart bleed for the longing to be inside you.
Like every good woman you made me wait.
I came to you at my weakest physically but most determined state of mind.
And you accepted me.
Stroke, splashing inside you we rejoice.
I do love you as I long did before when I admired you from a far.
Upon the beach looking miserable.
Or on the mainland looking at you and your many sisters.

I patched my wounds
I remained persistent and stalked you.
Now I have you as my own and I love you.
You wash me over and over.
And love the feeling.
They throw salt because we are, but your salt water is delicious to my soul.
Safety and cleansing is what you offer
You whisper “no worries” sweetly in my ear.
My 808 love
Every wave that crashes is like your arms outstretched calling me.

And for your love I am grateful.


The House These Books Built

The House These Books Built
Shifting eyes
Ever so quick
Nether linger
Both hopeful in the silence that taste so sweet
Back and forth, unspoken words are thrown
I dare you to stare upon that which you desire
Does your heart speak
And if so
Do you agree?
Be brave young boys and girls
Love last.
Unspoken words and love faces
Shatter glass
Watch them , they watch you
We watch each other
But tread carefully
My love
No one shall speak