They say The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

I’ll walk the road to riches, bare foot, blind, deaf, and alone.

And it’ll all be worth it… I gotta dream Baby, just believe in me.


Just another day in Paradise/Song of the Lone Wolf

Sitting at the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away. Watching the waves crash over the rocks and consume my shoes with salt water. Reminiscent of my emotions, ‘cept the water is loneliness and I the rock. Though I tend to appear tough and hard on the outside as these rocks, I cannot deny that these waves that pursue me are eroding my facade. I’m not happy anymore. How does it feel to be alone?How does it feel to be a rolling stone?



Alicia Keys, Kanye West + More Reportedly Boycotting Florida Performances


Numerology & The Audition

Today is 8-2-2013/ August 2, 2013
James Deans my favorite actor and who’s legacy I hope to emulate one day, was born o. 2-8-1931/ February 8, 1931. For me, today was the perfect day for my auditions. Like those actors who channel spirits, I wish I could of connected with him. Maybe another time. Idk. All I will say is wish I could say I got the parts. Back home to read ‘ The Alchemist…

Feeling: Numb…

[News] Trayvon Martin Hoody Will Be Placed In Smithsonian Museum.. Gone But Not Forgotten

TNE Promotion

Trayvon Martin will always be remembered the Smithsonian Museum wants to feature the same hoody that he was murdered in at the museum in the National Museum of African American History and Culture branch. The branch director Lonnie Bunch says that the symbolism and potential for discourse are the reasons the hoodie would be featured:

“It became the symbolic way to talk about the Trayvon Martin case. It’s rare that you get one artifact that really becomes the symbol.”

The Smithsonian Museum will open this part of the museum in Washington D.C. in 2015 and feature the hoody along with other historical artifacts.


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My Stupid-A**

In the bible it says, pride comes before the fall, and to me the fall is not the part that hurts but realizing that I didn’t have to fall. That I could of changed the outcome by keeping my mouth shut. I’m pretty sure I ruined the best thing that could of happened to me since I been in Hawaii. Besides the auditions, I mean. I had everything I came out here to do near completion but I had to fuck it all up by saying what was really on my mind. People talk about always being true to yourself and for me that works most of the time. But in this situation if I would of keep my mouth shut and went along with the plan, I’d probably be in a better situation physically, mentally , and emotionally.
She called me dramatic. But then again I am an Actor. Why couldn’t I act like a mute and shut the fuck up? This sucks. It’s not bad enough that I think about it consciously , but now I’m dreaming about it! I just pray to God this situation works out for me, and if it does I hope I don’t find a way to fuck that up too. Sad, sad day…

Titanica Audition

Tomorrow I have an audition for a short film being shot here in Hawaii. Reading the lines and the notes over, it seems like a very interesting film. Sci-fi, space, that whole thing. Titanic in space. The short film is one of a series of short films their doing out here. I’m excited. I’ll probably post about this again later on tomorrow. Keep watching. Peace.