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Ave. To the Blvd.

You know I been thinking a lot lately, about what they say ” if you stay in one place long enough, you start to become that place”. Well, the environment I’m in is hot. Cops frequently, fiends come out at night, drug dealers and pros. I just hope I make it out myself. And stay true.

Fuck a 9 to 5



I frequently read Forbes magazine and watch successful entrepreneurs testimonials on YouTube. And a lot of what I feel they have in common is the concept of doing what you love. Also contributing to the advancement of humanity.
  ” if you’re not doing what you love , then you’re bound to fail. Doing what you love will keep you going when things get difficult.” I believe Steve Jobs said something like this. That’s why I quit my job at an H.E.B warehouse. I felt like a slave. It wasn’t about the money it’s the feeling you get when you’re work. And I hated it.
I love the freedom of bikes , skateboards and anything having to do with the Arts. So what the he’ll was I doing in a warehouse, sounds like suicide for someone like me huh?
So I got a new job, working for an entrepreneur who started his own deli delivery business. And guess what I get paid to do? Take three guesses… Nope…. Nope… You’re right! Ride around downtown on my bike delivering food. Even if its something I don’t do long term I like it. I guess time will tell.

She said

What I did by setting you up yesterday was wrong but I can honestly say I never have lied to you and I don’t just go around looking for people I can hurt so no I’m not an opportunist I did love you and just wasn’t pushing you away I just wanted you to know and be sure if you wanna be in a relationship with me and deep down you know you didn’t so I got tired of trying to show you how much I cared about you and eventually I gave up not once did I ever try and use you and I will say it again I would never use you if I wanted something from you I wouldn’t have put so many feelings into something I know wasn’t gonna work out I wouldn’t put myself through that heartbreak or the person I still care for you and I pray you find somebody who makes you the happiest man in the world

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

Alright so I know I’ve been gone a long time. About 2 years now. Last time I wrote on here I was in Hawaii visiting my dad, and it was a great experience. But you know, I got to come back home and refuel. To be honest I think I was meant to travel just something in my blood I don’t know. But I do have a lot of things to talk about, a lot of things I’ve been through, a lot of things I want to get off my chest and share with the world cuz I know we’be all been through similar situation. Nothing new. Just life stories. Bare with me though, this rabbit hole is deep.

The Sea and I #2

The sea and I #2
For awhile you’ve tested me,
Pushed pulled and scarred my hands and feet.
I admit your undertow was inviting me to an early death.
My heart bleed for the longing to be inside you.
Like every good woman you made me wait.
I came to you at my weakest physically but most determined state of mind.
And you accepted me.
Stroke, splashing inside you we rejoice.
I do love you as I long did before when I admired you from a far.
Upon the beach looking miserable.
Or on the mainland looking at you and your many sisters.

I patched my wounds
I remained persistent and stalked you.
Now I have you as my own and I love you.
You wash me over and over.
And love the feeling.
They throw salt because we are, but your salt water is delicious to my soul.
Safety and cleansing is what you offer
You whisper “no worries” sweetly in my ear.
My 808 love
Every wave that crashes is like your arms outstretched calling me.

And for your love I am grateful.

The House These Books Built

The House These Books Built
Shifting eyes
Ever so quick
Nether linger
Both hopeful in the silence that taste so sweet
Back and forth, unspoken words are thrown
I dare you to stare upon that which you desire
Does your heart speak
And if so
Do you agree?
Be brave young boys and girls
Love last.
Unspoken words and love faces
Shatter glass
Watch them , they watch you
We watch each other
But tread carefully
My love
No one shall speak

The Law of Attraction

Ok, so I am not a philosopher nor am I that strange life coach guy who claims to have all the answers. I am not the guy doing yoga at the beach at six am definitely not the hippie type. I am just a regular guy who happens to believe that the “universe” is bigger and has greater depth than the concept of the man in the sky that controls everything.
There has to be more to life than that right?
I do believe in God but not in the traditional way. And I told myself that I wouldn’t make this about God or religion but I do feel it necessary to touch on my relationship with religion before I talk about the law of attraction.
Well, I do believe

if you want something bad enough , all the universe comes to aid you in your pursuits

Or something like that, I got it from the book The Alchemist. I believe that belief in something makes it real, makes it tangible, and eventually that belief makes it manifest. I do also understand that mere belief isn’t enough. Though it’s a huge part, action is another. You gotta be an absolute idiot to want something and sit around praying for it, without apply your part to make it happen.
I discovered this concept or ideology a while back before I knew all of this. While in Austin I felt it in my body and soul that I needed to leave. I saw signs. I had dreams and within a couple weeks of this belief getting stronger, I left. I had a belief, the belief turned to action and next came the manifestation of that belief. No one help me leave it was all me, so when I read about it months later it all made sense to me.
I’m sure I won’t read this again after I publish it, like all my other posh but I guess it’s good to share and vent into cypher-space once in a while.

They say The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

I’ll walk the road to riches, bare foot, blind, deaf, and alone.

And it’ll all be worth it… I gotta dream Baby, just believe in me.

Just another day in Paradise/Song of the Lone Wolf

Sitting at the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away. Watching the waves crash over the rocks and consume my shoes with salt water. Reminiscent of my emotions, ‘cept the water is loneliness and I the rock. Though I tend to appear tough and hard on the outside as these rocks, I cannot deny that these waves that pursue me are eroding my facade. I’m not happy anymore. How does it feel to be alone?How does it feel to be a rolling stone?



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